Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values


The purpose of the organization is to advance the public's appreciation of the arts: by providing art workshops and courses; by producing public art exhibitions, presentations and performance arts events; and by providing a forum for qualified artists to exhibit, present or perform their artistic works.


To foster a community that embraces the arts.


To connect the community through partnerships, support, and promotion of the arts.


  • Inclusiveness

  • Integrity

  • Inspiration

  • Mentorship

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

  • FUN!


  • Increase usage of the Marie & Dr. Michael Boyle Community Auditorium.

  • Build partnerships with regional theatre groups to host performances.

  • Host a performance series for children featuring live performances.

  • Provide support and encouragement for local arts organizations.

  • Inform the public of local and regional artistic events.

Strategic Plan