Board of Directors

Fran Côté


Fran is a retired elementary school teacher who considers herself to be a patron of the arts in their many diverse forms. She loves to visit art galleries, big and small, and artists' studios wherever she travels. Her organizational skills come in handy in her role as Chair of the Iroquois Falls Arts Council. Fran appreciates the arts for the many benefits that they bring to society as a whole and to individuals. She enjoys weaving but notes that her production level is very low, due to the fact that she spends too little time at the loom.

Term:  2022-2024

Linda Miller

Vice Chair

As a newly elected Board member, Linda Miller hopes to bring her past experience as a paralegal to utilize those specialized skills in her new role.  She has always had a life long passion for creativity and the arts.  Expanding the arts to include the community of Iroquois Falls will be her focus.

Term: 2022-2024

Ken Buhr


Ken has been a resident of Iroquois Falls since 1970, and was a teacher of mathematics at Iroquois Falls Secondary School for 36 years before retiring in 2006. Ken was a member of Scouts Canada in his youth, and a Scout Master from 1970-2018. He is a member of the Iroquois Falls Community Choir, and has been since its inception. He recently became a member of the Horticultural Society, the Museum, CDSSAB and now the Iroquois Falls Arts Council. Ken enjoys being an active community member and volunteering where he can. His knowledge in mathematics most certainly aids in his role as Treasurer.

Term:  2023-2025

Ben Lefebvre

Ex-Officio Town Council Director

Ben Lefebvre has been retired since December 2010.

He presently sits on Iroquois Falls municipal council. He was subsequently elected in October 2022 after being appointed to council in July 2021 to fill a vacancy. He was also on municipal council for one term in the late 90’s.

A long-time community volunteer and activist, Ben was the key figure in organizing the Porquis Blues Festival for several years.

Term:  2023-2026

Robin Edmunds 

Robin Edmunds is a professional artist who was born and raised in Iroquois Falls.  From the time she was a child, Robin loved to draw and paint, so it was not surprising when she decided to pursue a career in art.  She opened her art studio and print shop in 2018, where she devotes her time to creating art as well as teaching drawing and painting skills to children and adults.  Robin also shows her strong sense of community engagement by teaching on location in local seniors' residences, group homes and schools. Robin is a respected member of the arts scene in Iroquois Falls and surrounding area.

Term:  2023-2025

Jaymz David Ropp

Jaymz David Ropp was born in London, Ontario and grew up in Woodstock.

Ropp has been interested in art since childhood. Starting with drawing images inspired by Bette Davis and Myrna Loy, he has since graduated to more complex subjects. Mainly circling around the topics of portraiture and landscape, the styles and media he works in vary.

After attending the BealArt program out of H.B. Beal Secondary School in London, he found that main areas of interest where those more "traditional" such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, and drawing. While the media in which he makes his work can be stated as "traditional," his technique can not. While studying at NSCAD, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, he was exposed to a more experimental mode of working.

In regards to personal interests, you could best describe Ropp as an old English woman, stuck in her cottage. Mostly taken up by art, literature, and ethics, his spare time revolves around reading, collecting, and trying to fill in all the cracks & flat surfaces alike. The most prominent of this time fillers are the Canadian author Margaret Laurence and the Spanish painter Fransisco Goya.
Term:  2023-2025

Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet Kaur, hailing from the vibrant region of Punjab, India. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and further studies in Business Management and Supply Chain Management, she possess a blend of business acumen and managerial skills. Despite her academic pursuits, her passion for arts, crafts, and painting has always been a constant in her life, often finding expression in creative school assignments. Additionally, she finds solace and enrichment in the world of literature, nurturing a keen interest in reading.  

Saurabh Brahmbhatt

 Saurabh moved to Canada in October 2021 and completed his Global Business Entrepreneurship and Technology Diploma from Northern College of Applied Arts & Technology shortly after. His business background will surely help the Iroquois Falls Arts Council achieve our desired goals.
He has many interests and expresses this through some of his varied volunteer work to contribute to his beautiful new community of Iroquois Falls.
Currently, Saurabh works full time, and volunteers with the Iroquois Falls Events Committee, the Iroquois Falls Fire Dept., and the Iroquois Falls Arts Council. He is grateful for all the opportunities this may bring his way.  Saurabh also has a keen interest in music and dance.

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